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Sugarfoot is a term for a sweetheart. A kind soul, who is a solid female friend and always has your back. When apart (in prison, across states/countries, down the street) she is the one you think of and its good feelings all over. You know, the kind that are all warm and fuzzy.
Also, the kind of girl that will put money on your books and/or send you care packages to show you she cares and you are not forgotten.
"I got a letter and a package from my sugarfoot today. That girl deserves the world, she's such anangel"
by DizzieRiot September 20, 2016
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Usually a large gay black male that gets married to try and fool his coworkers into thinking he's straight. Works in a job with no authority and tells everybody he's a cop. He will also drive a large vehicle to fit them sugarboots in.
Yeah sugarfoot over there doesn't have me fooled with that girly voice.

Your right those boots are filled with sugar.
by dirtysanchez556 January 26, 2012
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Slang for diabetes. The reason is that oftentimes people with severe Type 2 diabetes are obese and have a high sugar intake level. One's feet are highly susceptible to damage from Type 2 diabetes due to the sugar intake, and sometimes the tissues in their feet dies and it needs to be removed.
"Doctor said that if I don't stop eating deep-fried twinkies for breakfast I'm gonna get sugarfoot and he's gonna saw off my leg!"
by Thomas_Edifun November 02, 2017
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1. noun; term of endearment for a sweet, well-meaning, loyal, mild-mannered, somewhat slow boyfriend named for Woody Woodpecker's sometimes equine sidekick.
2. declarative; verbal command issued from pussy-equipped to pussy-whipped when the former wants something or something done from the latter.
1. "C'mon Sugarfoot, saw me in half with that thang!"
2. "Sugarfoot! Aren't you listening?!"
by Faye Valentine May 26, 2003
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an effeminate man

a man who displays woman-like qualities
ie: crys a lot, listens to Celine Dion, wears tight ass pants or pink, snaps fingers in a circle ect.
I was walking to the store when this sugarfoot asked for my number. I punched him in the face.
by christima August 27, 2007
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the polite alternative to the exclamation, "shit!" with no connection to actual feces.
kid: " I missed the school bus again."

kid's mom: " oh sugar foot just stay home and I'll write you a note."
by jethro22 November 11, 2011
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