To be super awesome, sweet, almost like a Napoleon Dynamite feeling.
Man that was super suet!
by Supersuet October 16, 2021
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A funny sound used by red neck farmers to call their pigs (mexicans). Suet is the left-over crap that pigs eat...part of why pigs are sooo delicious.
Suuuuuet!!! Suuuuet. Come here you damn beanerz.
by haNd1287 April 21, 2004
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Saying to mean oh my gosh, usually spoken after a few alcoholic drinks, can also be meant as swearing, replacing oh with a swear word of your choice.
by Noz March 3, 2005
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Suet Fen is a really caring and outgoing girl. Full of laughs and really sporty!! She is literally goals.
"Damn I really want to be like Suet Fen!"
by yura azura January 4, 2018
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An amazing person. They are always very funny and smart. Awesome friend (make sure you keep them). Also has some of the best memes
Person 1: Omg it's Suet Wing their so funny
Person 2: Ikr
by studying = student dying June 8, 2021
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A Cantonese name for girls.

"Suet" symbolizes snow in winter.
"Yan" means gratitude.
Girls with this name usually own two fierce dogs.
They get bitten every single day.
One characteristic of "Suet Yan" is they are slow eaters.
They take hours to eat and bathe.
You are being too Suet Yan today.
by James Archduke Medivinan November 24, 2021
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