4 definitions by Sheisnotme

When someone is gorgeous, funny, sweet, curious, smart, sexy, loyal, but never had a really good sexual experience to do nasty horny stuff.
Guy: -That girl is an angel but she could use a fuck with someone who knows what he is doing.
Guy 2: -Yeah, I wanna give her a sexual experience of her life.
by Sheisnotme January 10, 2021
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Means Fuck me
Me: -Fuck me!
You: -Hell yeah!!
by Sheisnotme January 10, 2021
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When someone play's along to find out who the person is who wanna chat but uses a fake profile and u track that it is someone in your circel of friends. But to save his own ass he calls you pedophile and wipes your private network from all your photos and logs. Then turns your whole lifetime of friends against u and destroys your life. All because u tried to protect in the way you could by yourself.
You: -I did not ask for naked photos, films, or write to begin with. But I did find out that it was a hidden agenda and tried to find out more to protect my friends.
Friend: -It was me but you are a pedophile know and nobody wants you so go kill yourself. I don't wanna see the proof bc Ik u r telling the truth. That your own fault to trust your friends bc we r bad. I don't care that u tried to help us against scammers. It was us all along. Bye

Everyone: -That is what we call a backstabber but you suit yourself bc we don't listen to honesty. We laugh at your pain when u die trying to save us.
by Sheisnotme January 10, 2021
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A man who could have the best sex ever with the most wonderful, curious, wild, honest, funny and sexually starving woman but is so hard headed and stupid that he rather mock and block her thinking he is the shit.
Woman: -Did u know I wanted to fuck u since we met 20 y ago and no one has ever given me orgasms...
Sucker: -Go fuck yourself or kill yourself. You are to good for me. I know u always had my back, but I am dead inside. I rather lie to make u be less wonderful human being. Bitch.
Woman: -Ok...I will stop having your back. Sucker.
by Sheisnotme January 10, 2021
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