The equivalent of “allahu akbar” for white Kiwi mosque shooters.
Dozens of Muslims die when you hear the yell of “Subscribe to Pewdiepie”
by Martin Luther Cream March 15, 2019
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Subsribe to "Pewdiepie" literally means Subscribe to "Pewdiepie". "Pewdiepie" is known as a youtuber and is currently being chased by another Indian youtube channel called "T-series" that is running by Bollywood or some kind of film making company. In order to help "Pewdiepie", we must spread this message so that he could'nt get dethroned by "T-series".
Matt: Have you heard about the recent youtube war or something related to Pewds (Pewdiepie)?
Brandon: I think yes.
Matt: Should we do something about it?
Brandon: Hell yeah, we should shout Subscribe to Pewdiepie and help him get more subsscribers or maybe even buy billboards to advertise for him (Mrbeast refrence).
Matt: What about we keep talking "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" literally none stop till all the audience subscribes to him
(Markiplier refrence)?
Brandon: I think thats good, lets go prepare!
by HotdogJesus December 04, 2018
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Subscribe /səbˈskrʌɪb/ That red button next to or under Pewdiepie's Youtube Channel (PRESS IT)

Pewdiepie/ Swedish creator who makes great content


PewdiePie is losing the battle! SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE
by iwascringeimsorry April 20, 2019
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Subscribing to Pewdiepie is a ritual done by 9-year-olds to be noticed by there God PewDiePie so that they will go to heaven.
My buddy, Jimbo was caught Subscribing to PewDiePie and was put in T-Jail
by Ariana GRANDAYY March 30, 2019
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