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A beautiful and smart girl who like to do stuff by her self but sometimes need help she has beautiful smile with long brown hair and her eyes once you look you can find your way out if you don’t want to get on her bad side if you do you would regret that you ever existed she’s shy but when you get to know her she isn’ shy she is caring loving person who would care for others than her self what’s your friend with her it’s like to having security by you because she will always take care of you if you have someone like suad in your life don’t ever let her go.
by Cute red April 21, 2019
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A person who is utterly cool and just cannot be un-cool. Must own a lightsaber. A SUAD walks cool talks cool and is AMAZING at soccer. cool
Who's that cool person tryna be?

Duh, they're tryna be SUAD!
by lightsaber December 04, 2009
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The most inteligent, coolest, sexiest person in the world... Everybody wants to be suad :)
-Wow, look at him !
-Mmm. Yeah, he`s such a SUAD !
by RealNameOfc February 21, 2010
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Suad is grateful and understanding when she wants to be and can get annoying if someone annoys her a lot.

If you hurt her friend just watch out because she going to have they backs, but dont worry she wont hit you but she will open the mouth!! Suad is amazing,caring,loyal, loving. Suad IS MY BEST FRIEND!!
*Suad* is my BEST FRIEND
* Don't annoy *Suad* or she will Get pissed
*Don't push ^Suad* away she's the only one who can make u giggle!!
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by HeartlessWigger July 14, 2019
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Girl: My nail broke. My hair is so frizzy! And that girl has the same shirt as me.

Boy: Can you just SUAD!? JFC.
by SPIDEYY August 31, 2010
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someone who not cool, lies all the time, but he has good moves with girls, it's just he makes bad choices and he's stupid
Suad: Lets go play some tennis
Girl: We can't it's closed

Suad: I'll pay you ten dollars if it is

Girl: ok

2 mins later their kissing
by Emminya May 30, 2015
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<DrugTard1> I just got a bunch of H and weed and acid
<DrugTard2> Plz send me all your drugs.
<DrugTard1> SUAD
<DrugTard2> WTF is SUAD? Sending U All Drugs?
<DrugTard1> Shut Up And Die
<DrugTard2> FuQ
<DrugTard1> WTF is FuQ? Fuck u Queer?
<DrugTard2> No u fucking homophobic retard, sound it, Fu Q, Fuck You, duh
<DrugTard1> So fucking stupid
<DrugTard2> SUAD
***poopbreath slaps DrugTard1 around a bit with Donald Trump's uncircumcised islamophobic penis
***poopbreath slaps DrugTard2 around a bit with Hillary Clinton's right wing vagina
by JZnis March 28, 2016
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