"Jesus Fucking Christ"

Used when extremely aggravated, confused, excited, or all of the above.
jfc i didn't know the essay had to be 6 pages?!
by sycadelic225 August 22, 2010
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Usually stands for Jesus Fucking Christ, sometimes for 'just for clarification.'
1. JFC. My boss just told me I have to stay 2 hours late and close tonight!
2. JFC, when I said I'm in the closet, I meant literally.
by sam118 October 5, 2013
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Kelsey: "Shes such a slut"
Aimee: "I know, pull up your pants, whore, no one wants to see your thong."
Kelsey: "No kidding, JFC!"
by ihatecjd December 30, 2010
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Dude 1 - Yo rip JFK.
Dude 2 - You mean JFC?
Dude 3 - Yeah dude like seriously man, imagine not being able to spell the 35th president of the united state's name!
by Mister Fatter November 14, 2020
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Literal translation of "Jesus F***ing Christ"
Your girlfriend is on RateThisWhore.com again.
JFC, are you serious?
by ijyoung April 20, 2010
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Endo: Dude, Becca fucked another guy today!
Brad: JFC!
by Brad April 23, 2003
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