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Hardcore metal with a Christian message. For example: Hopesfall, Chevelle, Norma Jean, Living Sacrifice, Further Seems Forever.
Bryan: What's Chevelle's genre?
Tito: Its like Christian rock...
Bryan: Like screaming to Jesus?
Tito: Yea, JESUS CORE!!
Bryan: HAHAHAHAH, u fucking!!!
Tito: .........
by tito May 03, 2003
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The act of moving your body.
You can also say it it to people in your way and they will get out of your way.
An example of moving your body would be clicking the mouse or anything in which your body move.

An example of telling someone to move would be this.
MOVE! you asshole!
by tito March 06, 2004
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when a girl or woman gets kicked in the vagina.
Girl 1: ::Bitchslaps:: girl 2
Girl 2 : Kicks and aims for her vagina.It connects.
Girl 1: ... ::rolls and floor grabbing crotch::
by tito March 14, 2004
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Adj; A positive outcome or future event. When there is a good turn of events. Antonym of Bad News Bears.
You're not having my kid?! That's good news goats!
by tito January 26, 2005
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One who lacks in the fields of smartosity (courtesy of mi Manolita)
You are laughing on the inside because of the extremeness of my "Dumbosity"
by tito January 18, 2005
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A term used to describe a person expressing the traits of a flamer AND a homo, so theyre double time gay.
Solins: eh excuse me i think that ...
Anyone: shut the fuck up u flomo no one likes you.
by tito July 13, 2003
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