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A group of Brown University Engineers who fight for hammer justice

See also: The Cannon Group
by tito December 31, 2005
A website providing daily Mac content such as reviews, movies, guides, and opinions.
Woah check out the activity on TheMacMind Forums!
by tito April 3, 2004
A term used to describe a person expressing the traits of a flamer AND a homo, so theyre double time gay.
Solins: eh excuse me i think that ...
Anyone: shut the fuck up u flomo no one likes you.
by tito July 14, 2003
I just smoked 5 grams of style, I'll be tweakin' for a week.
by tito February 29, 2004
Aby: What's up Tdog?
Tito: Nothing.
Aby: That's cool.
by tito May 4, 2003
The online username to most websites by one Tito Vazquez of Bremerton, Washington.
History: An AOL Screen name of Vazquez was 'SpecialSpork', and when advancing to the next stage of sporkiness, he was then known of as 'NowSporkier'. The username originates from the root of that AOL Screen name.
Have you read the livejournal of sporkier lately?
by tito May 13, 2004
The state of being more 'sporky' than someone.
Tito is far sporkier than everyone, because he's so sporky.
by tito May 13, 2004