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Right-leaning political movement, who generally attack the American liberal movement with weak ad-hominem attacks via their website. The organisation was founded in order to provoke violence at demonstrations and rallys, in order to capture video evidence and present it as usual behaviour for anyone they disagree with.

Most believe that all Muslims are terrorists, and anyone who does not support the neoconservative movement is an 'America-hating pussy'. As far as a Protest Warrior is concerned, terrorists are only terrorists when they threaten America. The IRA for example, are freedom fighters.
We should exterminate all Muslims, Europeans and Mexicans, because they hate freedom.
by Insider February 22, 2005

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blonde, whore, who can't get a record label on talent so she uses the fame she already had from her dumb disney show, Lizzie Mcguire! She thinks she is punk but is the biggest poser I have ever seen in my entire life! Just because you are supposibly 'dating' Joel Madden does not make you punk hun and niether does wearing all black!
girl 1: how do I look?

girl 2: eww....you look like that poser Hilary Duff!!!
by insider March 27, 2005

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A recreational drug that causes extreme euphoria. Known to cause loss of inhibitions. Not the date rape drug, but makes chicks very horny.
Gammahydroxybutyrate makes me feel GOOOOD!
by Insider July 17, 2003

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place where a spider places it's cobb webs
The spider chose a shitty website.
by Insider July 17, 2003

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guy who wrote that "I get high" song. Formerly a member of The Lox.

Styles P says "I get high, high , high (every day) I get high high high (all the time) I get high high high high hhhhiiiiiigggghhh.
by Insider July 17, 2003

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amazing 4 piece punk band from london england consisting of - mike (guitar), toby (vocals and guitar), rich (drums), dave (bass) www.lateshiftmusic.com check them out!
lateshift will rock your socks!
by insider May 02, 2004

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The feeling of course-ness on your skin. For example, sand in your underwear, rubbing against your genitals.
After sex on the beach, I could feel the grits from the sand rubbing against me.
by Insider July 17, 2003

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