Not to be taken literally, but an exaggeration of how someone or something as such is existing; an uber compliment or descriptor.
That girl is stupid dumb fine, it’s not even funny.
by Mulan0641 January 2, 2019
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When you want to call a friend a stupid dumbass, but while saying it you realize he/she is physically dangerous, so you stop short while saying dumbass.
Danny! Your such a stupid dumb!!!!!! *silence*
by Kangol January 20, 2005
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Honestly one of the worst comebacks you could ever say to someone.
A: your a nigger zipper head chink looking banana eating tree nigger head ass kike ugly ass.
B: well your a stupid dumb dumb stupid dumbass.
B: faggot
A: fucking vanishes from existence
by Rawlings June 14, 2018
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Stupid Dumb Bitches are those who go above and beyond the steryotypical actions of both stupid bitches, as well as dumb bitches. SDB's can be utilized in any manner and treated with little respect.
Devan is a stupid dumb bitch.
Go get me a sammich, you stupid dumb bitch.
I heard that girl amanda j. has herpes and doesnt wash her self... what a SDB.
by SlangCreatorXXX August 7, 2009
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a person that you feel can go suck a dick and drown on it and die okay there just a person that gets all your fucking nerves and is annoying as shit
Is that kloe kardashian? No thats kim kardashian you stupid dumb fuck.
by amazerzin.mel March 17, 2015
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