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a loyal girl who stays loyal to her boyfriend and her friends , she is insecure of her whole body , shes to way to nice to every one around her , shes a lonley girl that has a lot of repsect , shes also down and sad when shes alone , she gives so she wont lose , some people just take her for granted .....
"friend " : can u buy me this ?
kloe : sure

*friend doesn't even say thanks *
by ak47 girl December 21, 2016
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Kloe is a sweet, loving person who stays loyal to her boyfriend. If she spills her heart to you, that means she trusts you and you better not mess that up. She may not ever feel beautiful but she’s the most beautiful person ever. She is the type of girl you would want to be with forever. She’s amazingly talented and loves animals. One little smile would make her day. You’ll never find another girl like Kloe.
Kloe is the sweetest person you’re ever gonna meet.
by Sports308 May 26, 2018
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A badass bitch who is a boss at call of duty and GTA 5. She acts like a 100% pure American and is hot as fuck. She is the most aggressive woman i know so dont mess with her or her friends. If you get on her bad side, you will probably go through hell trying to get out. She is never afraid and tries to help other people fight fear. She is an American badass.
person 1: Hey who is she?
Person 2: Thats Kloe and most important thing to know is to never get on her bad side or she will bite.
person 1: Ok...Ill remember that...
by Keanu93817 March 02, 2017
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Kloe is a beautiful girls name. Very common yet usual name bacause of the spelling, 95%of the time it would be spelt with a ‘C’ or ‘Ch’ however with a ‘K’ it’s the ‘cool way’ of spelling it.

A Kloe is usually badass/leader but at the same time the sweetest most down to earth girl you will meet. She is very kind until you hurt her family or friends then you will be on her bad side in other words: hell where you do not want to be, you never get out of there as a winner. She is extremely loyal to her friends and boyfriend, she is all about giving and helping people.

She (Kloe) is very sexy, yet often not confident about her body....she doesn’t show it tho, she acts like a boss.

Naturally catches boys attentions, lot of the times even boys she would rather not but she handles it like a queen with grace.

Kloe is athletic and girly at the same time.
Friend 1: Have you seen the new girl?
Friend 2: Who? Kloe?
Friend 1: Yes, she seems so cute.
Friend 2: I know, we should hang out with her, she got that positive vibe.
by actdtoyou May 08, 2018
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Kloe is the superior way of spelling Chloe
Doctor: what do you want her name to be
Woman: kloe
Doctor: like this 'chloe'?
Woman: no, the good way, with the k
Doctor:'oh like this 'kloe'?
Woman: yes like that thanks
by The twenty eight inch man June 14, 2017
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A young woman that is very out going. But she gets insucre about her body a hole lot. She is very sporty. Most of her friends tend to be boys. She likes to hang out with them because they dont start lots of drama. She lives to be included and loves her family even when she thinks they don't love her back.
I think that is a kloe.
Her namehas to be kloe
by Kloe ?????????? June 03, 2018
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A badass bitch with a sexy body. Hard as hell to get in bed with though.
Kloe is such a great girlfriend, i wish we had sex more often though...
by Keanu93817 March 08, 2017
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