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To brake suddenly in order to cop a feel while "restraining" your passenger from being thrown forward.
"How dare you stop short with my wife?!" - Frank Costanza to Kramer on "Seinfeld"
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
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Frank Costanza's "move", which he claims to have used on Estelle Costanza circa 1955.

It involves the driver hitting the brakes in a moving vehicle, suddenly (stopping-short), and throwing out the hand closest to the front seat passenger's chest, as to stop them from being hurled towards the dashboard; inadvertently, groping the passenger's chest in the process.
Frank: "I used it on Estelle 40 years ago. I told EVERYBODY about it, everybody knows - *HMPH* - I stop short!"

Jerry: "Really..? 'Stopping short' - that's a good move..."

Frank: "You're not kidding it's a good move!"
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by Tunachipz July 28, 2019
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When the driver is on a date and pretends to stop short in an emergency situation, hence putting his arm out as if to stop the passenger from flying through the windshield. But what he is really doing is feeling her boobs...
"Dude, you used the stop short? That's my move!"
by Robby H. November 09, 2004
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