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A very good music genre or subgenre. Instrumentals sound like a watered down punk, vocals sound somewhat like pop. People who listen to this do NOT shop at Hot Topic as assumed by many. People who listen who listen to this dress either white ghetto, preppy, sporty, or just jeans and a shirt. Sadly the famous Pop Punkers try to look punk :(

This music is not listened to by weird, dressed in all black, rejected, suicidal FREAKS. Although those freaks often tend to make fun of and bash Pop-Punk, all I have to say to them is get a life and stop slitting your wrists. The only reason Pop-Punkers "sellout" to MTV is because they arent afraid to show their faces on mtv, because unlike real punks they are not freaks.
Examples of really awesome Pop-Punk bands: blink-182, Sum 41

pretty good Pop-Punk bands: yellowcard, simple plan, good charlotte, new found glory

btw Millencolin (skatepunk) and Green Day (punk) and offspring (punk) are really awesome too.
by Kangol April 20, 2005
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When you want to call a friend a stupid dumbass, but while saying it you realize he/she is physically dangerous, so you stop short while saying dumbass.
Danny! Your such a stupid dumb!!!!!! *silence*
by Kangol January 19, 2005
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When you are no longer or not hungry.
I'm unhungry for sex after raping tu madre.
by Kangol March 15, 2005
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