Little: mnot gonna lay down until I get my stuffy
by LalaLotusLolita July 29, 2018
A dutch cigar with all the tobacco removed and stuffed with weed, as opposed to opened, emptied and rolled.
So me and my friend had just gotten finished with three blunts when he reached into his bag and pulled out the STUFFY.
by Capn_Sammich February 3, 2009
A word that girls use so they can have something to bitch about
*girl walks into room*
"Gosh it's so stuffy in here"
by applealex March 26, 2010
Someone who stuffs their bra; someone who is flat chested and uses tissue to get boobs.
Did you see Katie she's being a stuffy today
by nat November 17, 2003
If a person is stuffy then they are unbelievably toxic human no one wants to contact with because they make them irritated, frustrated, bored or unsettled
A: hey, gonna drop by Jimmy's party tonight?

B: Uhg, ew, no, fuck that stuffy moron!
by Oaring_ore January 8, 2022
Alternate term for plushie; a plush toy or stuffed animal
Origin: British English (aka The Queen's English)
"My, what a cute stuffie you have there!"
by fixman88 April 9, 2004
a stuffed toy monster, most commonly made from fleece or felt.
usually handmade.
are often disturbingly cute.
similar to plushies.

i made a stuffie for my niece's birthday.

i collect stuffies.

i'm trying to come up more designs for stuffies.
by stefania-zee January 16, 2008