To Be Strung:
- Smashed off your face from use of narcotics

See also: Strung Out , wasted
by Dave - Zackson 3 November 4, 2004
When a lightskin steals the girling you were tuning from beneath your feet
P1: Did you hear about Jack? He totally got strung by that lightskin tiktoker Rob.

P2: I guess its true what they say, string or be strung
the use of a snake for the purposes of sexual gratification
i saw a porno the other day and this girl was strunging herself
by abingdon posse October 22, 2004
Dude, I'm really paying for all the beer and coke last night. I'm so strung over I can barely think.
by ts August 27, 2004
to be suffering from the unpleasant physical effects following the heavy use of drugs (with or without the use of alcohol), particulary drugs that deprive the user of sleep
after staying up all night on acid, i was feeling strung over
by larry burns October 4, 2004
1 : physically weak as from long-term drug addiction
2 : addicted to a drug
3 : Totally high from drug use
Everyone was so strung out last night at the concert.
by Valen August 19, 2004
Adjective to describe a modern day Renaissance man, who has many 'strings to his bow' so to speak.
For example,a 'well strung ' male might have knowledge of at least two European languages, computer programming skills, a pilots licence kicking about, a scuba diving qualification, athleticism in a handful of field sports, A-levels, possibly a degree, a CELTA or TEFOL, just in case he fancies a month teaching English in Japan or Tai Wan.
Punning on "well hung" - which refers to the size of a man, personally.
Woman: " I don't know him personally yet but he is incredibly well strung- He can speak French and Swiss German, goes skiing in February, Photoshops like a dream, iceskates like an angel, and his harp playing is like the nightingale."
by MissNicks January 17, 2009