When a man or woman pull each other along in their life without committing to a relationship.
Me: My dear friend that swine is stringing you alone in this relationship, they will never make a move on you
Friend: I'm just holding out ok
by GwamThe Man March 29, 2018
When ravers swing and twirl glowsticks around on the end of a string.

Makes very nice time lapse pictures.
Oh man, at the rave last night, there were alot of people stringing. We had to make a big circle for them so everyone could watch.
by ilessthan3weres August 11, 2006
a form of masturbation where a man wraps a string or rope or cord around his penis and does so until he gets caught.
Mom: "Knock, Knock, Knock"

Alex: "One second Mom I'm busy"

Mom: "OMG Alex are you stringing, thats where all the shoelaces are going."
by Thomas&Adam May 23, 2011
Menstruating; the process of menstruation. From the presence of a string hanging out of one's vagina after application of a Box Bullet.

That bitch went from incoherent and pissed off to sane and ecstatic then back to egregious and suicidal in about 30 seconds so I knew she must be stringing.
by TPRuddygore August 15, 2008
To string;

Slang for high/drunk/turning up Or turnt up!
"Are you stringing man?"

"Yo I'm stringing hard!"

"Are you ready to string?"
"Fuck yeah!"
by Cimatty July 26, 2014
A response to a too good proposal. Asking if there's no catch and your not going to be expected to do something in return.

A shorter form of "no strings attached"
Dude 1: Here, you can borrow my car for your road trip.
Dude 2: For real! No strings?
by benormous January 27, 2006
loads of dicks tied together
Charlie: Hey! had a threesome last night
Loz: Awesome! Loads of strings?
Chalrie: Of course!
by pacman army January 13, 2010