an alternative to shook or quaking, however, it’s normally used in the 3rd person, using it for someone who is well known for the thing you’re talking about. You’d use it when you or someone else is either literally or figuratively doing a better job than that person.
“Wow, I’m soo good at math. Albert Einstein is on a stretcher”
by imathottie February 21, 2019
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A particularly girthy poo that feels like it stretches you on its way out - it leaves you clenching your buttocks for half an hour afterwards trying to get your ringpiece back into shape!
Remind me never to eat Branflakes again, that dump this morning was so full of stretchers i felt like i'd been fingered by an elephant!
by mrbruceman March 15, 2009
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The act of inserting one finger into the vaginal opening (normally the index finger), and two into the anus (normally the middle and pinky fingers). Also known as the reverse shocker.
Commonly referred to as: one in the pink, two in the stink.

eg. Man, I streteched this chick out last night, and she loved it.
by Pam Cuthbank May 27, 2005
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a sexual position that includes two men and one female. The goal is to have sex while running. You set this position up thusly:
1) Woman lies on her back on a table.
2) One man stick her in either the vagina or the anus, while the other man sticks her in the mouth. This creates the basic hold.
3) The woman then must hold herself up by wrapping her legs around the man who is fucking hers waist, and her arms around the man who she's blowing's waist. This provides stability.
Optional: Men can hold the female up between them with their hands as well.
4)Men take off running, one backwards, one forwards with female suspended in between them. A stretcher position is formed, hence the name.

Dude, me and my bro, are going to stretcher this chink while running a 5k it should be awesome.

Good for athletes who are tired of the London bridge.
by Life Suxs November 4, 2007
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to get just unbelievably wasted to the point where you cannot walk and need to be taken out on an actual stretcher
"Man, i was so stretchered last night. What did I do?
by Brett Scheifele January 17, 2009
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Stretcher: To lay down slabs of rubber, WHILE rolling out a burnout; To lay rubberized destruction, to a (preferably public) road on/in a motorized vehicle; To perform a rolling burnout.
I layed down a stretcher in front of your mothers house last night on the 1K.
by BAD TA WS6 May 21, 2011
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a gun; meaning to "stretch" you or lay you out.
I pulled the stretcher on the nigga; i had the stretcher by my side
by Andre Young March 19, 2005
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