1. Slang for the male genitalia
2. The male organ of copulation
"His towel fell off and I saw his man stick!"
by G-lui August 6, 2007
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(n): Your close buddy, homie, friend or partner. Your "ride or die" buddy that you roll with on a regular basis.

Origin: Chesapeake,Virginia
Guy 1: "Who's that with you,dun?"
Guy 2: "That's my stick-man from Virginia Beach, he's cool."
Guy 1: "That's what's up, we can ride out then!"
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The guy who bangs the stripper in front of all his buddies at a bachelor party.
" wow look at him go! He sure is a great stick man"
by Staeve February 1, 2014
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A baseball player when he's at bat.
For a pitcher,that Bumgarner is one hell of a stick man.
by rubberweiner October 31, 2014
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Does that guy you're dating know you're still seeing your man on a stick?
by Raingal February 6, 2009
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