The strawman or straw man, seems to be the only logical fallacy that most midwits online have ever heard of (except for maybe ad hominem). It does matter how irrelevant it is to the conversation, if the midwit is losing the argument they'll accuse you of using a "strawman". Most of them don't really know the definition. Also known as an "Aunt Sally" in the UK, or a "straw person" if you're woke.
You don't agree with me, so that is a strawman argument.
by RayBidd March 29, 2022
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A purposeful attempt to distort the opponent's argument to make it easier to attack.
Person A: I think driving under the influence of alcohol is bad.

Person 2: Oh so we should ban alcohol?

Person 1: Well that's a strawman and a half......
by Rotten Turkey September 4, 2021
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Creating a caricature for your opposition so you don't have to contest with the actual arguments. Willfully misrepresenting an argument so you don't have to be wrong.
He used words to prove I was wrong. So, I ignored what he said and created a strawman to beat up on in front of my friends. They will agree with whatever I say because of course they are going to believe me over them. And they saw me beat up that strawman so they don't see any reason to listen to what he has to say. They will never know the difference between what his actual argument was and the strawman I created to represent their argument.
by Hym Iam December 4, 2020
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Willful misrepresentation of another person's argument.
Iam "I really hope people aren't trying to strawman my position. On anything. I try to be transparent. What I write isn't meant to be a final proposition on anything (Which is what makes it the opposite of the bible). I love that people are using it but the intent is almost more important than the act. You can't argue that it's not good. Two sentences and some of the general themes of the things I talk about were converted directly into 1 BILLION DOLLARS. Billion with a 'B.' What can you say about it? Do you muse on the ideas of others (publicly)? Yes. You can't say I'm doing anything that anyone else isn't doing. Well... You can but they aren't archetypal figures... Heh... This is wild man."

Hym "Right!? And the charlatan just doesn't want me to be lauded for doing something he considers reprehensible. He's over here arbitrating unforgivable sins as though he's God. Completely blind to his own hypocrisy. Hahaha... At least I saved myself $30! None of the motherfuckers who do that shit will have as great of an effect."

Iam "It's disheartening. It really is..."

Hym "But LOOK AT HIM! That is so bizarre! Look at what he's actually doing! That is wild! I can't believe it! What a plot twist!"
by Hym Iam July 30, 2022
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A type of trolling where the Troller attempts to pwn someone by claiming something they said means something totally different to what that actually meant.
Innocent Person: "I think it is important that school children wear school uniforms".

Strawmanning Person: "Hitler believed in people wearing uniforms, are you trying to make all children Nazis?"

Innocent Person: No, that is not at all what I meant!

Strawmanning Person: Ha! I pwned you!
by Netal Beattie November 17, 2011
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to incorrectly and unfairly make an opponent's argument seem as if it hold no water or has no weight nor bearing, as if the argument were a man, it would be easy to pushover. From a logic error when breaking down arguments, the "strawman" response to an argument.
Bush claimed that by voting down weapons ordinances, Kerry was against national defense, but he had really just strawmanized Kerry's argument.
by charliemiller February 2, 2005
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1. Any political issue that holds little or no importance intended to sway voters, usually by fear.

2. A manufactured resistance to an issue, related to astroturfing.

3. A scapegoat.
"Them demon-crats gonna take away all R guns!"

"That's a strawman issue, Cletus."
by Captain Neatoman October 18, 2004
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