A awesome badass tv show for grown men ,particularly Dwayne (the rock) Johnson
by cman64 November 07, 2017
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When you ejaculate on a womens face, then punch her in the face to give her a bloddy nose.
After bangimg Jenny, bill gave her a strawberry shortcaked
by Demonad123 December 24, 2017
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After a girl gives oral sex to a man, she head but his nose, making it bleed profusely, then proceeds to spit his own cum on his face, making a strawberry shortcake revenge.
by cummaster151990 February 23, 2009
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Basically the opposite of strawberry shortcake. Instead of the male ejaculating on a girls face and popping her in the nose. The female gives a blow job and than spits the semen on the guys face and punches him in the nose. The blood and semen is like the strawberry and icing on a shortcake.
So last night I was gettin head and blast in her mouth. Next thing you know she spits it all over me and socks me in the face. It looked like a fuckin reverse strawberry shortcake. I am going to kill that bitch.
by Tronixx August 19, 2007
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to give someone a dirty sanchez then give them a strawberry shortcake
tina's face needed more flavor and color, so i gave that ho a chocolate strawberry shortcake
by crimson scorch November 26, 2006
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