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Japanese's short term for "animation". Widely popular in the world. They have big eyes, pointy chin, and cool hair. Age ranges varies from All Ages (Hana no Ko LunLun, GeGeGe no Kitarou) to ages 8 and up (Yu-gi-oh, Dragonball), to Teens (Evangelion, Gundam), to Mature Audiences (Gungrave, Cutey Honey (1994 Version)).
Did you watch that anime called Naruto last night?
by ChoujinkiMetalder October 3, 2006
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The busty female ninja armed with a fan, from the SNK fighting game series, undoubtedly the most popular character in the series.
Everybody said that their favorite character is Mai Shiranui.
by ChoujinkiMetalder September 19, 2006
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Very popular outdoor game, but dangerous. Also known as Jarts. You hold it by the fin, and toss in into the hoops to score points. In Dec. 19, 1988, they are banned, because of the deaths of 3 children and over 5000 serious injuries.
CPSC urges you to destroy or trash the lawn darts, and use the rings from the larn dart game for the replacement pieces for the ring toss game, or something similar.
by ChoujinkiMetalder April 13, 2005
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Beautiful actress who was in the movie Beaches, the almost-failed TV show Molloy, and the hit sitcom Blossom. She has also done voice acting in cartoons and some video games, and is now in the new movie Kalamazoo.
by ChoujinkiMetalder March 22, 2006
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1. A character in the Mr. Men and Little Miss series of books. She's round, yellow, has freckles, and has yellow hair styled with a pair of braids.

2. An independent film opened in 2006 starring Abigail Breslin.
Little Miss Sunshine from Mr. Men came first THEN the movie Little Miss Sunshine.
by ChoujinkiMetalder May 19, 2008
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The best fighting game on the PC/Mac. You can put in those characters from various fighting games from Street Fighter to King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, etc.!!
Guy 1: Scorpion vs. Maki.. You gotta be kidding me!
Guy 2: Dude, this is Mugen. I can put in any characters I want. I can play as Scorpion and fight characters from other fighting game.
Guy 1: Cool. I'm gonna download it and the characters when I get home!
by ChoujinkiMetalder September 8, 2006
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