A forumer on Torchthebridge who used to be known as the guy who smoked pot all of the time. Now simply known as the guy who is a hippie.
Man you are as high as Straws!
by Tezkah March 26, 2005
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A principal of performance based on occam's razor that states "the simplest straw will perform the best"
"when i see a child across the room at olive garden gently sipping chocolate milk through a crazy straws all i see is a misguided youth wasting his life." said Sam O'Nella. This gives an excellent example of O'Nellas straw by showing how a crazy straw with all its twists and turns will take longer to bring the liquid past your lips and down your Flesh pipe.
by Michael Malloy October 11, 2018
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Similar to the straw man argument, a straw meme is a logical fallacy presented in image form. Typical use is to assign misrepresented, exaggerated or completely false characteristics to an opposing viewpoint and then attack these characteristics instead of the actual viewpoint.

Typically, straw memes are met with supporting arguments such as, "sooooooo truuu!!!" and, "i'm steelin this!"
Straw meme examples:

Oh, you think (example A) because (example B)? Tell me more about (unrelated example C)!!!

If you're ok with (example A) but don't like (unrelated example B), then you're a hypocrite!!! Share if you agree.
by Screaming Back August 07, 2012
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A logic fallacy involving the purposeful misrepresentation of an argument in order to strike it down.
Beware of logic fallacies.
by Cromage April 25, 2004
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