The only white lad canonically able to say the n-word.
Guy 1: Hey, did you see the newest Sam O'Nella episode?
Guy 2: Yeah I heard that he said the n-word.
by Eel on Musk September 30, 2019
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a learning channel way more funnier than any other youtuber you can't make me deny that
"Sam O'Nella is the funniest youtuber!"
"Yeah, I watch Sam O'Nella. How could you tell?"
by JYCFox April 8, 2022
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A wise youtube channel . Perfect for studying history (ex. for a test)
Hey, I watched Sam O'Nella Academy last night... got an A on my test. Also Sigmund Freud was a pretty weird dude.
by Gateway To Milk August 16, 2018
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