A straw hat is a brimmed hat that is woven out of straw or reeds.

People who wear straw hats do so to let it be known 'all the fucks they give', If one was to add up all those fucks; the total fucks given would be zero.

The wearing of the straw hat is a statement to a judgemental world. That statement is 'Look at all the fucks I give'.

If the wearer is worthy, it can be said the straw hat is wearing him/her
“I’m wearing a straw hat; does it look like I give two fucks?”

Person 1,”Look at that guy wearing a straw hat; he clearly gives no fucks.”
Person 2, “Noman, he's one of the chosen few; the straw hat is wearing him”
by Whatistobeastrawhatman September 24, 2011
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what vsco girls use to help sAVe tHE TurTleS while really doing nothing to help at all
by chloeisalwaysright August 27, 2019
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When a gentleman curls his tongue to form a straw while eating out a chick, in order to extract the pussy juices.
by Uncle Ron January 13, 2020
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Someone who doesn't go through with his or her plans.

A coward or someone who doesn't take risks.
Awulian: I tried to play Tennis with Andy yesterday, but, he told me he came to look around the court for lost money.

Cahill: He is worth a straw, he is worthless, he slept all day while we were on a camping trip last month.
by Agutkeu August 23, 2011
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It is one of the oldest tricks in the book to make a purposeful misrepresentation of another person's position and then arguing against the fictitious position, knocking it down. It is the straw man rhetorical fallacy.

Man 1 sets up a weak position and attributes it to Man 2, then attacks the weak position; like setting up and fighting a straw man, easily knocking it down. Then the opponent, Man 2 is drawn into defending himself against the misrepresentations, and Man 1 doesn't have to talk about his opponents actual position.
Mary began lecturing John about the benefits of immigration for our country after John spoke in favor of building a wall along the border. But Mary was fighting a straw man because John is actually in favor of legal immigration; he just wants it done in an orderly manner so the drug cartels cannot easily cross the border undetected.
by topcat1957 March 09, 2016
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