9 definitions by Tiara

you're such a tiara
by Tiara February 26, 2004
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A fine, cute or sexy person.
You see that boy? Yea thats a straw.
by Tiara July 4, 2003
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lil flip is a thowed young man 4rm that 713. he got da rap game on lock every song he make is off the chain can;t noboby fuck what lil flip. thats just what that is.
what sup witit
by Tiara December 3, 2003
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is the most sexiest of the b2k members not just his lips he sexy from head to toe.
by Tiara September 8, 2003
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A person that hit it off with one person to the next
I dont think you need to mess with him he a ho hopper
by Tiara July 4, 2003
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He's sportin some serious adge right about now.
by Tiara February 14, 2005
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1.Having a problem with some one.
2.Not liking someone.
by Tiara July 4, 2003
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