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A popular Bagel shop popular on Long Island.

Costumers of this store can easily be spotted with their obnoxiously large iced tea cups and reak of a horrid, yet recognizably delectable smell. Also, if you see someone holding one of these iced teas, chances are they are a slut who will give you a blow-job for a great price. These annoying, high-pitched voiced, not always attractive girls make it embarissing for normal people to walk down the hallways with these iced teas without the fear of getting kicked in the nuts.

The most commonly purchased item at Strathmore, besides the colossal iced tea, is the Baccon Egg and Cheese on a bagel. It is probobly the most filling meal you can get for $5.68. you get the big sandwhich, free hashbrowns and a free large iced tea, like I mentioned before. The bad part about this meal though, is that if you don't specify "scrambled" eggs, you might get a retarded worker who puts runny eggs on your sandwhich. This form of egg makes it impossible to eat, nor enjoyable to eat. Having a sandwhich like this makes you want to shove a tampon in the center hole.

Although Strathmore has some negative points, it's a great way to start the morning...Or anytime before 3 pm. (Pending on when you wake up)
"Hey Ditta, you getting Strathmore tomorrow for Zero period?"

"I feel like such an ass carrying this huge-ass Strathmore Iced Tea"

"She has one of those Strathmore Iced Teas, she must be a whore."

"This runny Bagel from Strathmore reminds of the Alex when she has heavy flow."
by Chris Troiano (Sachem) April 25, 2007
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