A place where dreams die
I went to Lethbridge, and got depression from the shitty shitty air.
by Cuntasorus September 16, 2018
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Depressing little town south of Calgary with an oversized train bridge, a shit university, no trees and brown grass 11 months of the year. Full of rednecks, retired dotards, waking stereotype natives and burnout students who couldn't get accepted to a real school.

Also referred to as: deathbridge, methbridge or leth vegas.
Dumbass U of C reject 1: "Yoo G I got rejected from U of C but its all gucci yo I got into Lethbridge"
Dumbass U of C reject 2: "You mean leth vegas? Me too dawg yo we gunna get lit down there son"
by brownbuckwass September 6, 2018
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Lethbridge is a small town in southern Alberta which was voted the third most boring city in Canada. Filled with rednecks and Mormons, Lethbridge is dull and an uneventful town to live in. Most people are born and raised there and continue to live their for the rest of their lives, and usually never traveling further than Calgary.
Who wants to go to Lethbridge? Nobody, that's who.
by Experiencer May 25, 2013
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A redneck city that consists of socially awkward rednecks, ridiculous winds, and nothing to do. Dont bother going to the skateboard parks because they suck. Good luck making friends there.
"I fucking hate Lethbridge"
by LethbianCunt January 28, 2018
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Arguably the best city in Canada to live. One of the only cities with a population under 80, 000 to have both a Community College and a University.
Lethbridge is a place where pissing your pants is koo
by The Business Man January 11, 2006
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Lethbridge Alberta, is a hellhole from which you have very little chance of escape. If you live here and have a poor opinion on meth you are in the minority. Speaking of minorities people here blame them for literally fucking anything. Car won't start? "Fuckin Natives". Kid late for school? "Spics are cant even drive right" as you barrel down the left lane Goin a buck tewnty. "Fer fucks sake im out of meth again! Where is that fuckin Nigger when you need him?"Are you right wing? Great news! We have this strange conglomeration of extremley religious and xenophobic anti gov hicks who would welcome you with open arms (as long as you dont look different, think different, have a different religion or have an opposing political preferance)! Are you left wing? Great news! We have this small but growing population of free thinkers (who will hunt you down if you dont think like them and berate you until you either leave or forsake what you believe in to fit their standards.) We have a great university, good luck if you arent left wing though because you might get stabbed. We have a wealth of great labour opportunities, good luck if you arent right wing though because you'll probably either get stabbed or almost thrown down a six foot hole (me). Run just fucking run. TLDR, we have a bridge and a city on the brink of a race war constantly. Coffee shop is nice. The Pennyhouse Café, get yourself a 20 oz Humdinger and zip around the city just fast enough not to get mugged!
Wow Lethbridge sure is great, lets go provoke some Natives and bitch about it later!
by Shenkoi <3 March 3, 2019
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The Windy City of Lethbridge Alberta Canada located in Southern Alberta near the Montana border.

It is populated w/ Rednecks, Mormon’s, Christian’s, Anti-Maskers, Anti-Vaccers, Anti-Indigenous/Native, University/College Students, and are generally right-winged-racist-xenophobic-uneducated-blue collared workers who hate all Immigrants fearing anything different from their own bland ass customs and blame all their problems on Justin Trudeau or Rachel Notley and safe injection sites, all whilst driving their ugly lifted diesel trucks! And, all this while never once reading a book or travelling outside their own country.

Most are on social/financial assistance programs and receive cheques (of some form) and take advantage of left-winged services while criticizing anything to do w/ socialism at all (not realizing the irony of this). You can find these types of people in their natural habitat on Facebook (Posting in public forums or news stories or groups) being blatantly racist for all too see!
John: “Hey Man! Aren’t you from Lethbridge??”
Mike: “Yeah, I am”
John: “Oh, that sucks!”

Everyone in Lethbridge: “Damn Immigrants taking our jerbs!”
(Skilled Immigrant Pharmacist looks at racist redneck in bewilderment)

Whiny Lethbridge Man: “Mandatory mask laws in public are stupid! I won’t wear a mask in public, this is infringing in my human rights!”

“This safe consumption site in Lethbridge has ruined our city. Junkies deserve to die”
by thebirdbrand January 28, 2021
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