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We are not judged by our mere expression of ideas, but by what we do with those ideas and how effectively we execute them.

Strategicians give legs to ideas. In this, there are four components to the work of a strategician:

What do you want to do? – Strategy
How are you going to get there? – Logistics
How are you going to do it? – Tactics
Doing it – Execution

Too often we jump from the first component straight to the fourth while giving little consideration to five and six. It is the missed steps where our ideas lose the ability to last. We are impatient to perform our due diligence in following through the steps because our focus becomes on the race “to get there first.” Desperation often times lacks discipline, and yet long term and sustainable success demands it.

With the world of social media, social media is application. Strategistics is the infrastructure for that application ensuring that one's message doesn't shoot from the hip, but rather shoot from a strategy. Otherwise, application has no rudder.

Applying strategistics to your message is the difference between developing a sound plan and infrastructure and just simply talking about it. Sure, the world could always use new ideas because many, often times, spur on other ideas; however, what the world really needs, is ideas with legs and that my friends, is what strategistics is all about.
Before they applied the principles of Strategistics to their message, their message simply shot from the hip and not from a strategy. It was like their message had no rudder.
by GunnarSpeaks April 29, 2013
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