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Another word used in place of the word "Stream." Originated from a misspelling of the word stream. Used for livestreaming video games on livestreaming websites such as or Can also be used in the form of stramming.
"Look at all the viewers and yet no one is stramming. Jack, you stram."
by Colonel99 July 16, 2012
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Derived from the reverse spelling of "smarts", strams is a kind of inverse intelligence demonstrated when a person or company cleverly overcomes every obstacle between them and total failure. In order to demonstrate use of strams, the entity in question must be faced with multiple situations where an obvious, correct choice leads to success, while a more obscure, incorrect choice leads to another choice-situation or to failure.
When a delivery company replaces the correct address with an old, old address, then ignores the forwarding information AT that old address AND the email AND the phone number they have on file for you, finally deciding that, because they can't find your address, they better mail you a letter about it - that's strams.
by balloonie-cat December 10, 2010
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Smart, but not brilliant. Considered a common online mispelling of the word smart.
You're stram, but you still wont get all A's.
by Apollorey November 14, 2005
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