a person who's purpose is to support or assist others as a servant , henchman minion , worker or lackey, particularly in doing unpleasant work or jobs that can vary.

2.a person who's there to be the butt of a comedian's jokes or laughed at like a clown.
1. The kings royal stooge was out spying on those conspiring against him.

2. The 3 stooges are clowns out to be laughed at.
by Old school bossman October 23, 2020
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A moron. A stooge has skewed thinking and little intelligence yet thinks he/she is equal to or better than everyone else.
Did you see Tom sucking up to the Director? He doesn't even know what the words mean. What a stooge!
by Dave720 January 28, 2014
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1. Someone that always bitches about other people yet is a failure himself.

2. Someone who always feels like he has good ideas but actually is just a dumbass.

3. A hybrid between a bitch boy and a faget. An uncultured philistine that believes himself to be a gentleman, when in fact everyone knows he's just a stooge.

4. A clown. But not funny. At all.

5. A kid who has the word "Replica" branded along the side of his dick.
Kenneth is a stooge. He would like think he was a gentleman.

"Hey I heard Kenneth bitching about some pedo before."
"What a stooge."

"Hey I heard Kenneth thought he could take on the Three Gentlemen"
"Is he serious? Wow, what a stooge!."

Julius Caesar was a stooge. So is Kenneth. BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH.
by The Three Gentlemen February 28, 2010
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Word popularized by Pat Mcafee on 'The Pat Mcafee Show', used to refer to someone of general annoyance or someone who displays ineptitude at their profession.
"Mike McCarthy has got to be the biggest stooge in football, the guy stinks."
by JDfromcompton November 14, 2020
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The act of thinking you are great when infact you are a stooge.

Also see Angelo.
Myello, my name is Angelo, my friends tell me I am a stooge!
by Fernando Sucre December 4, 2004
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After seeing the Doors in concert, James Osterberg A.K.A. Iggy Stooge (before he became Iggy Pop) was mesmerized by Jim Morrison and started his own band, the Stooges, which inspired alot of punk bands. The Stooges were a truly groundbreaking band and the godfathers of punk. They were fronted by Iggy Pop, a legend of punk and one of the greatest frontmen around.
With albums like "The Stooges", "Fun House", and "Raw Power", Iggy and the Stooges helped define the punk rock genre.
by SuperSonicX October 21, 2005
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