The wise and holy sayer of leat fingies. Many people have claimed to have encountered this rare being, but its debut appearance was in an Among Us public lobby, in a video being recorded by MoistCr1tikal aka penguinz0. Its current whereabouts are unknown, but some say that if you wait long enough, you’ll get a green crewmate named Stinky Toe in your Among Us lobby.
by Thebirdman567 October 11, 2020
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Any toe, but particularly the big toe, infected with nail rotting fungus and or athletes foot.
The party broke up quickly after I got out my stinky toe and showed everybody.
by wifflebird April 8, 2008
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During foreplay its what one can get if they stick their toes in a butt or a womans vagina.
Instead of smell my finger its smell my stinky toes.
by braszn October 11, 2009
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The act of penetrating the anus with the big toe, or potentially the entire foot

while smoking a cigarette lit from the end containing the filter. The hit from

the cigarette is then blown into the anus of the person whom the foot was

fixated in. The smoke is then inhaled from the rectum in a similar fashion to

mouth to mouth resuscitation except it is in turn ATMR, or ass to mouth

Garrett had no idea that the half smoked cigarette I had given him had just been

an instrumental pawn used to stimulate his mother's tight stink hole. I know he

prefers Marlboro's but all he got was a stinky toe bong hit.
by KidneyStoner69 June 19, 2013
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when you are wearing socks with tinker-bell on them, when they are stanky. you may also be stuffing them in someone's face (usually a pretty face). so sad.. usually said in an accent.
person, get your stinky tinker-bell toes out of pretty face.
by chickencheese November 5, 2010
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