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A term coined by Twitch user Insym. While playing Phasmophobia randomized, when he gets salt, glowstick, and tripod, chat goes wild, as the ritual is about to commence.
Randomized wheel: “Salt, Glowstick, Tripod
Twitch chat: triPog
by Thebirdman567 November 7, 2020
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A person who needs to learn how to speed bridge.
Usually associated with death and obnoxiously loud microphones.
Hey Shitass, wanna see me speed bridge?”
-Anonymous, famous last words
by Thebirdman567 October 23, 2020
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Gary: Yo did you guys hear about the thing Trump said about bleach??
Jared: Yah bruh I injected myself with a gallon last night!
Nadia: I guess you won’t die from Corona then...
Jared: wait what
by Thebirdman567 May 15, 2020
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Someone that Arthur Morgan found while drunk at the saloon.
Arthur: *sees Lenny having sex with Lenny in the saloon*
Lenny: *screaming*
Lenny: *screaming*
Arthur: Haha, found ya, Lenny!
by Thebirdman567 July 28, 2020
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Another way to say “ok boomer.”
Because “k” is a shorter way to say “ok,” and “pop” is something some people call their grandfather.
Boomer: “You kids spend all your time playing video games, go get some friends!”
Me: “K-Pop.”
by Thebirdman567 February 8, 2020
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A safer way to call someone retarded without a teacher knowing. Make sure to put “expired” in front of it to lower suspicion.
Joe: I failed the math test. How was I supposed to know that x is equivalent to 2?
Mike: You expired flame retardant!
by Thebirdman567 November 9, 2019
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The wise and holy sayer of leat fingies. Many people have claimed to have encountered this rare being, but its debut appearance was in an Among Us public lobby, in a video being recorded by MoistCr1tikal aka penguinz0. Its current whereabouts are unknown, but some say that if you wait long enough, you’ll get a green crewmate named Stinky Toe in your Among Us lobby.
by Thebirdman567 October 11, 2020
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