taken from tv programme and book "Stig Of The Dump". someone who looks like they liven in a dump and smell just as bad.
I fuckin don't want to sit and eat my tea, with that stiggy cunt, she makes my skin crawl...
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
A person with a bad stigmatism of the eye. Having a walleye helps this.

Are we going out with stiggy tonight? His eye pushes the girls right to us.
by Mutchler January 22, 2006
Someone who turns the ladies lesbian.
Man, I feel terrible for Sandy, she has to go out with that Stiggy
by Great Zach March 3, 2006
To become highly intoxicated from alcoholic beverages, in such a state that the host can not stand nor speak. Derived/Inspired ny the character 'Stepehen James' who becomes 'Stiggied' at every available opurtunity.
Fuckin' hell, look at him, he can't evenb walk!! He's fuckin' stiggied!!
by Anomolous 1990/08 March 8, 2009
The nickname of a guy who served in the Marines. His last name was har to pronounce so the name "stiggy" was given to him because it resembled the last half of his last name.
Wheres Stiggy at? He went out to a bar and got drunk. Now hes ducke taped to a telephone pole por pendejo.
by USMC January 31, 2005
1) a dick thats too huge to fit into a hole.
2) stephanie ilysa goodman =
2) Stiggie pissed her pants
by stephisgood1 August 25, 2007
one who has stigmata.
good god bebe, you're stiggy!!
by the spicey jackal February 17, 2004