The act of male masturbation using your own shit for lubrication.
Why does my boyfriend's dick smell like shit? Maybe he was stewing.
by mdhold May 14, 2010
Similar to brewing, but more intense. It happens when you got an intense one brewing inside of you
My boy Gilly was stewing up a storm in class today.

Mr. La was bare cheesed at me and gilly for stewing it up in front of him.
by Jewtron March 9, 2022
The act of sitting all day (like a stew) and watching television.
My bestfriend and I were stewing all day yesterday and watched the whole first season of GOT
by Devco96 December 27, 2016
Referring to someone who is not very intelligent, (or just another word for stupid).
My word Shelly! You are so stew-stew”
by thisdoesnotmattertoyou July 24, 2018
A stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy.
Nothing makes you feel better like a stew .
by Djesse May 30, 2019

Let's be real here people, you talk about it all the time, and you need codewords for it sometimes. Say stew, not beer. It even sounds ridiculous (see below).
"Let's pound stews."

"I need a stew."

OR use it as an adjective or verb

"I'm stewed."

"Let's stew."
by RivStew August 22, 2008