the pleasant or pungent--depending on whose opinion and whose dick we be talkin bout--odeur of a man's twanger and 2 pinto beans

often associated with peanut butter, just as them girls' buttons be associated with ripe old bass, aka FISH!

lick up and eat out, fuckers!
"yo sligss, yo got sum mad dick smell
be careful that luke--who's allergic to peanut butter--don't catch cho whiff in the locker room
peace out, mofo!!"
by sliggs March 10, 2006
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Have you ever noticed a time when you've been in a dick famine for a while and then finally go out on a date, suddenly, all the men from your past who you haven't heard from in months, or even years, text you all at once. It's oddly suspicious.... almost as if one dick has caught wind of another dick being interested in you and decides to climb back into your DMs.
I went on a date on Saturday and half way through 3 guys that had ghosted me over the past year all texted me... within an hour of each other....I'm telling you, dick smells dick.
by $T$Money$ March 17, 2020
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1. (noun) Badly grammaticised insult for a bit of a knob end, often ascribed to those of the ginger persuasion.
"Look at that smell-dick - the scaldy face ginge."
"That's what yer ma said."
by AAAABBBBCCCC August 28, 2007
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