A fun party game for all that involves a magical wand, usually a crayon piggy bank, or a magical animal to guide you through the game's ultimate quest
I had so much fun playing Stew last night!

Man, my magical bunny led me down the wrong path, now I'm going to lose stew!!
by stormtrooper69 June 6, 2011
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Soup that isn't soup
Hey is that stew a soup or not a soup?
by Th-o-mas June 24, 2020
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To be isolated and comfy on the couch and watch Netflix all day. For one to stew one must be completely relaxed and not bothered unless it is for food and bathroom breaks.
Maria: what are your plans for tomorrow?
Monica: I'm just gonna stew in the living room all day. I found a new show on Netflix.
Maria: can I stew with you?
by Ruse243 April 1, 2016
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The worst sketch show ever made. Consider yourselves fortunate that most of you don't live in Ireland, and consequently, are not subjected to this pathetic excuse for a show.

I can see why it took two "geniuses" to write Stew. One to not think of something funny. And the other to think of something not funny.
by Snake December 20, 2005
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You're such a Stew
by KRob April 6, 2004
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A stupid person or action, or anything dumb/stupid. the abbreviation for stupid
1.eww thats stew.
2.OMG you are so stew.
3.That class today was stew.
by young tay March 25, 2011
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adj. To sleep all the fuckin time and wake up just to bitch in vent

n. a person who has terrible luck but always gets A's in math
When Colin woke up he stewed at us in vent and shortly after Aced his math test
by Adam Saad September 30, 2007
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