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She's an extroverted introvert with magical possibilities!

She's fun, vibrant, funny and very cool to hang out with and she's 420 friendly! She has a huge heart for helping people! She does not play games, she's straight up, honest, silly, flirty, respectful and loyal! People often take her kindness for weakness! MelodIE is by no means stupid and you should NEVER underestimate her in a fight!

She has a small circle of ride or die friends because she knows that people are shady and she's tired of trusting the wrong people. So, she just does not DO people any longer!

Melodie with an IE is pretty, delicious, sweet, naughty, freaky, seXy, sensual, romantic and kind!

She's hard to love but she loves hard!

She has a strength that no one knows about and she can handle a whole lot but even she has her limitations.

Melodie is very intelligent, has an outstanding character, has every day common sense, very creative as far as her passion in life goes and she has a very sassy and sexy disposition. She can do anything she sets her mind too! Her personality is down to earth and charismatic. People love to be around her because of her magnetic personality!

She may be a BBW girl but she's gorgeous and people flock around her and they love all her deliciousness because she's unique and genuine! She's for real! Not many of those left in the world so if you find a MelodIE, with an IE, don't ever let her go!
Melodie noticed that the other girls were intimidated by her presence and it made her sad!
by cheLLe1963 August 28, 2020

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StePHen with a "PH" is a kind and very good looking guy that is very family oriented! He has a huge heart that often gets him in trouble.

As a dad, he is very laid back yet firm in his beliefs and he also carries himself to command respect from his grown children.

StePHen with a "PH" is a perfect man to be in a relationship with because he's honest and trustworthy and communicates!
He is solid and a very good catch for a lucky and blessed lady! He is faithful and loyal in a relationship and that is very sexy and attractive! He is intelligent and very witty as well as being confident in himself and in his abilities!

He is a ride or die partner or friend and keeps his circle small. He's straight up and doesn't pull any punches! A real decent and cool dude!

If you have a StePHen with a "PH" in your life, HOLD ONTO HIM because he's A KEEPER FOR REAL!
"I think about Stephen Dee all of the time and I think he knows that!"
by cheLLe1963 September 04, 2020

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Hollie is a Hollie girl that has gorgeous blue corn silk eyes and a dangerously beautiful smile! She is sensitive on the inside yet tough as nails on the outside.

She's doesn't forgive easily and she holds a grudge for a long time but her heart is as big as Texas!

She's a good trusted friend and she's especially an EXCELLENT mom to her babies! She's a loving and dutiful granddaughter and she was the apple of her Mama's eye! She's kind of judgmental as a daughter in her older age and holds onto negative energy sometimes!

She precious and she's a definite Boss!
"Hey Hollie, let's play super Mario Cart for old times sake!"
by cheLLe1963 August 20, 2020

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Amy is a woman that has an oversized heart for sure! She's sure to be in the field of helping others somehow, for example: a nurse, doctor, counselor, lawyer, etc ...

Amy is very family oriented and spends a lot of time with her immediate family.

She is a definite BOSS! She's also funny, cool, smart, pretty, witty and extremely down to earth. There needs to be more Amy's in the world!

She's a workaholic that takes her career quite seriously! She cannot get enough of helping others.

She's full of wisdom because of her own mistakes in life which also makes her as real as they come!
"Hayyyyyy, if you need help with a problem ask Amy, she's good with that sort of thing!"
by cheLLe1963 September 03, 2020

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Billy is an older man who is overly assertive, along with being loud and obnoxious towards people that he doesn't like or that are weak EMOTIONALLY in some area. He focuses on that or those weaknesses and attacks them verbally. He is a big bully and in his mind, he does no wrong.

Billy does have a huge heart and often helps a multitude of people, in one way or the other!

He is attentive to his wife and he goes above and beyond for her in any serious situation! He knows where his bread is buttered! He's learning how to be a good dad for an adult daughter!

He loves his dogs, his fur babies! They are with him every waking moment, even goes to sleep with him and his better half!

He's a hard worker and he has a fierce determination inside of him that doesn't allow him to give up!
"Yo, Billy, can you please stop back by here after you leave the store?"
by cheLLe1963 August 29, 2020

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A best friend and beyond is more than just a best friend with benefits. It's beyond love, beyond sex, beyond a soul connection and beyond best friends!

A best friend and beyond is loyal and you have the commitment of being monogamous! It is a non traditional relationship with a twist of traditional!

A best friend and beyond always has your back and you don't pick a best friend and beyond lightly! It can't be just anybody that can be your best friend and beyond, so be on the alert!

It surpasses any non traditional relationship you've ever experienced or heard about!

It is The EPITOME of relationships!

This type of relationship demands loyalty, faithfulness, respect, commitment, honesty, communication and trust! This relationship is only for the hard core loyal people out there not for fakes and snakes.

You won't regret having a best friend and beyond!
"Stephen is my best friend and beyond!"
by cheLLe1963 August 29, 2020

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The word "dick-whooped" means that the female has been totally enraptured and is in complete awe of her male counterpart. He, basically, has laid the dick to her so damn good that she is ready for him, any time he wants to have sex in the future. That is being "dick-whooped"! It also means that he has made her climax 100+ times in every sex encounter they had from day one!

It is a big honor to be labeled "dick-whooped" because all the other females wish it was them that particular male was having sex with! They are jealous of her while she looks at them with pity because she has nothing to be jealous of. She then humbles herself to her male counterpart ("her Poppy") as he continues his "dick-whooping" dates with her!

***See the female counterpart in the definition for pussy-whooped!
"Stephen has dick-whooped me and can anytime he wants too!"
by cheLLe1963 September 06, 2020

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