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MelodIE with an IE Michelle is a very unique woman that has a huge heart for helping people.

She is the one her small circle of friends go to for advice and/or help. She's usually the peace keeper among her piers! She cares, sometimes to deeply, and she gets hurt in the process when those she helps don't think with the same heart as she does.

They also take her kindness for weakness but she will just smile and move on, remembering the ones who are untrustworthy and fake, so next time they come to her - she won't be invested in them at all. She won't go out of her way for them.

MelodIE with an IE Michelle is a beautiful and more mature woman who has been around enough to gain wisdom. When she loves she loves hard, with every fiber of her being.

If you find a MelodIE with an IE Michelle, don't ever let her go bc she's definitely a prize to have in your corner!
"Melodie Michelle, please come and help me this evening like you promised, okay?"
by cheLLe1963 April 14, 2022
Pronounced "Braks tun"

One of the sweetest angels to ever be born! He is strong in faith and in might and in mind!
He has an impeccable character and he's loved and well appreciated and respected by his peers, his family and his friends.

He is smart, funny, loveable, quiet, sweet, handsome, manly, sensitive and loyal! He "says what he means and means what he says" and his word means everything to him.

He is an amazing partner in a relationship and doesn't cheat and is extremely giving and loving to his partner.

He loves his family especially his mom and his grandma! He many be spoiled but he's for real and not spoiled in a bad way!

He has good character and integrity!
"Ask Braxton, he would know the answer!"
by cheLLe1963 September 20, 2020
Stephen, with a PH is the baby boy of a large and close knit family. He is blessed with beautiful eyes that stare right through to your very soul! He has a huge heart and will not allow anyone to take advantage of his family, friends or his girl or himself.

He doesn't like liars or fakes and he isn't afraid to call them out!

He's down to earth, extremely handsome, a gorgeous smile and a personality to die for! He has the sexiest voice of any man ever and he is not snooty or stuck up!

He's funny, honest, grateful, humble, respectful, charming, sexy, sweet, confident and extremely loyal!

He's a ride or die friend to the end and will protect those closest to him with all that he has and all that he is.

He doesn't play games in a relationship and he may not say those three little words, but he will SHOW you those three little words daily in the way he treats his girl and in his actions towards her.

She shows him the same, plus she shows him how much he has helped her through difficult times and she's sure to tell him how much he is appreciated!

He's a good man with that bad boy twist which makes him so desirable!

He handles his girl in the best way, like a professional, in a calm but firm manner. He's his girl's calm in the eye of the storm and he's forever her always!

He's her best friend and beyond!

If you have a StePHen with a PH, hold onto him tight bc you won't ever find another!
"Stephen is in charge of that particular part, so just ask him bc he will know the answer!"
by cheLLe1963 March 31, 2022
Many people, especially guys, think being pussy whooped is a bad thing!

Real men know it's not a bad thing and they won't have a problem letting you know they are indeed, pussy whooped!

It means that she puts it on you so good that you are discombobulated for a minute afterward and have to gather yourself together before saying anything or moving on with your day or getting yourself to sleep!

It means you would do most anything to have that pussy because you crave it so much!

Real men are proud to be pussy whooped!
"Man, my girl has me so pussy-whooped that my vision is blurred dog!"
by cheLLe1963 April 14, 2022
The word "dick-whooped" means that the female has been totally enraptured and is in complete awe of her male counterpart. He, basically, has laid the dick to her so damn good that she is ready for him, any time he wants to have sex in the future. That is being "dick-whooped"! It also means that he has made her climax 100+ times in every sex encounter they had from day one!

It is a big honor to be labeled "dick-whooped" because all the other females wish it was them that particular male was having sex with! They are jealous of her while she looks at them with pity because she has nothing to be jealous of. She then humbles herself to her male counterpart ("her Poppy") as he continues his "dick-whooping" dates with her!

***See the female counterpart in the definition for pussy-whooped!
"Stephen has dick-whooped me and can anytime he wants too!"
by cheLLe1963 September 7, 2020
Rodney is a good looking young man that is super intelligent with an intense charismatic personality that draws people to him.

Rodney is quiet most of the time and very vocal the rest of the time! He's got a real of tha wall sense of humor but the truth is he's got one of the most genuine smiles in the entire world!

Rodney is very picky when it comes to the ladies that he dates and with whom he chooses to be partnered up with! He has the type of good looks that are considered rugged yet he also looks like he could be a librarian.

He's a tech nerd with the skills of the CEO of a fortune 500 company! He's a die hard friend that sticks to his partna's like glue.

People respect Rodney bc he demands respect in the way he carries himself throughout any given day. He loves to read and he likes to reminisce over the magazines he's collected over the years!

If you have Rodney as a best bud then you know he's your best bud for life! Rodney will blindly have your back bc he knows how crucial loyalty is between neighbors.

Rodney also has one of the most infectious laughs that I've ever heard so whenever I hear Rodney laugh, I know his face is also lit up with a very nice, shiny smile!

Rodney is one of those kind of people that you automatically want to keep when you meet him!
He's DEFINITELY a keeper, so when you are blessed with a Rodney, don't ever let him go!
Rodney smiled wickedly to himself, keeping the joke to himself bc if he hadn't, the teacher was going to take immediate action!
by cheLLe1963 April 30, 2021
A true blue lover, friend or family member means that they have got your back regardless of what situation is going on ... No matter what! That is the highest in loyalty that you will find.

True blue is similar to a ride or die! You never have to question these true blues loyalty bc it is a given that it is there, waiting for you!

They will have your back and will handle whatever needs to be handled and you won't ever have to worry or wonder if they did so or not!
"I got my true blues to take care of that for me bc they are off tha chain loyal!"
by cheLLe1963 May 7, 2021