Phtevens are very rare. They are tall and slender, and have a specific "charm". A combination of Prince Charming, Phantom of the Opera, and punk skater kid. Like ogres, they have layers; and emit a pungency when provoked.

Most likely military trained, phtevens can be found flocked together making dirty sailor jokes. They make wonderful husbands, if you can take one, and accept their flaws unconditionally.
"Man! That Phteven over there was telling the funniest joke about Death by Snu Snu. I'm gonna get his number..."
by Mod3rnP1rate April 25, 2021
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Person 1:"Nice chair what is it called"
Person 2:"Phteven"
Person 1:"That is a good name for a chair"
by Not Ka1_01 July 5, 2020
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It means Steven as if it was pronounced by a dog with teeth problems. On the internet by searching this word in Pictures, you'll actually see the dog!
by IlReCurio December 20, 2014
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