A extreme player. Has sex with the hottest ladies, all the time. Is so unbelieveably sexy, smooth, and cut. His muscles are extremely big and he is amazing. Undescriable in one word.
Stein is a have sex with a hot girl.
by Becca Caldwell April 25, 2005
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You're dating that fine piece of work!? That's stein man!
by MattSat August 16, 2010
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The cheap fucker in the group, who often doesn't leave enough to cover the Check, or leaves no money for the tip.
Pinche Alex is such a Stein! Me and T-Bone had to dig up ferria to cover the tip!
by Gaggle Kang November 4, 2020
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An old white man resembling a long beer mug who talks in a stupor while ranting about meaningless dribble.
Erik! Don't be a Stein! Get a real life!
by Tom T-Bone March 1, 2023
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As a verb, transitive and intransitive: to be or act miserly, often in a tricky fashion. As an exclamation, an expression of happy success in such activity. As a noun: (1) a good deal; (2) a person who lives by steining.
"I was walking through the lobby when I saw a buffet set up for some conference, so I steined some breakfast there."
"I gave her a 10, but she gave me back change for a 20. Stein!"
"Charles Shaw is only $2 a bottle at Trader Joe's. It's a total stein."
"He never brings anything to a party--what a stein."

by zoilax September 22, 2006
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someone who lacks the common being of the human race. This person commonly struggles with life choices.
(joe ruberto)
by shea reyes and kevin rieschl December 23, 2003
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swallow mixture of faeces and semen from bearded German men and then shit it into a glass
by Cliff stein November 23, 2014
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