A girl, beautiful, kinda and loving, free spirited lady.
Steffis so humble, I wonder what she's doing now?
She, invited me for a stroll to the park the other day after I told her I was feeling under the weather!

That Steff, wonderful soul always thinking of others.
Yeh she's the best, we got a pizza afterward and she took me to a concert where she proceeded to make sure I had a great time!
Wow! that's such a great friend!
Yeh she's hard to catch up with becuase she's always busy but she makes time for the people she cares about. I always have a blast when I'm with her!!!!
by -notsofast- April 29, 2019
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The amazing, most stupendous, happiest, fun- loving, outgoing, enthusiastic, spontaneous, caring, peaceful, child- like, mature, bubbly, cheerful, devoted, determined, forgiving, grateful, positive, sincere, trusting, unselfish girl alive on the planet. :)
I met a Steff last night in my dream.
by Princess Cutie October 3, 2010
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A shortening of the name Stephanie, whom is my best friend.
Hey Steff.
by Malxolm April 18, 2004
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A unique and individual definition relates to Steff whom is the cutest munchkin in whole wide world. She beautfiful, caring, lovely, and without doubt the best person alive to this day. SEXY
Omg no one compares to Steff.
by orly3453465346 October 9, 2008
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" Did you see Steff handle that gun last night??? Amazing.."
by Shay October 8, 2004
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Silly muppet girl who is funny and silly! watch out she the Godess of sex and will kill us all
by Guess¿ June 17, 2003
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“Omg have you heard about kitty steff, Meow
by Kittysteffmeow February 16, 2023
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