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This girl, simply hypnotizing and mysterious. She is often described as an animal deer , very wisps in Nature like a butterfly flying away ever so slightly out of the grasp of danger towards fruitful pursuits. It is hard to catch a stefani but if u do she’s a prize. Not the type to let guard down easily she has an ambition that keeps her goals in life priority over love interests. She seems innocent and naive but she’s really down to earth when you get to know her one on one. At times she will more easily feign incomprehensibility than light the bullshit from ur arse with fire to save peace and grace . She is not the promiscuous type though it may seem but the type to value character and aspirations in her partners. She is always trying to build the best for herself and whoever she decides to comfort in life. Commitment to a growth mindset is vital when trying to create a relationship with a Stefani, without this valuable asset and drive she will not take you seriously.
Damn have u see Stefani today?

Heard she became immortal with the power to strike lighting on the less of us?!!

Do not wallow young bullshit one, 2mrw night we will go to her shrine to appease the all divine!!
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by -notsofast- April 29, 2019

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A girl, beautiful, kinda and loving, free spirited lady.
Steffis so humble, I wonder what she's doing now?
She, invited me for a stroll to the park the other day after I told her I was feeling under the weather!

That Steff, wonderful soul always thinking of others.
Yeh she's the best, we got a pizza afterward and she took me to a concert where she proceeded to make sure I had a great time!
Wow! that's such a great friend!
Yeh she's hard to catch up with becuase she's always busy but she makes time for the people she cares about. I always have a blast when I'm with her!!!!
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by -notsofast- April 29, 2019

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