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Officers Of The Law//Police
I dont like tha fuckin laws
by Shay September 02, 2006

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Leader of the Russian Spanish mob
" Did you see Steff handle that gun last night??? Amazing.."
by Shay October 07, 2004

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A Chinese dude trying to be a black dude by using words such as "damn" and "dat shit is whack"!
Cigga Wigga and Migga mean da same ting.
by Shay January 09, 2005

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Too divert attention away from something
When i fell down da otha day i had 2 play it off
by Shay September 12, 2003

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Jboog mean fine,sexy,sweet,kind,no one in the world will ever come next to someone like hime his not ever gurl but one gurls man in the world. Who may that be we don't know but we know now his mine.
Jboog is fine and cute and always mine
Holla Playa
by Shay March 01, 2004

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he is so sexy wit his sexy hair and skin. he is all about me. jboog is my baby. and i will love him 4eva.

finest man in the state
sexy,fine,and all mine
by shay January 30, 2004

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A Chicago based word describing someone male or female that always smoke and drink what you buy but never puts in on it!
Yo man you betta watch that dude wit yo blunt cause he a straight haggala.
by Shay December 17, 2004

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