A very cheap male prostitute who is a majority of the time servicing gay costumers.
That is the cheapest price a statesman has ever charged for a private dance.
A politician who is able to successfully fool people into thinking he has dignity.
Mr. Smith was a statesman who earned the respect of his audience every time spoke, even if he had the tendency to bend the truth here and there. His opponent, Mr. Jones, was a sleazy politician who straight-up lied to his audience, but earned votes by blaming the country's problems on various minority groups and uniting them under a banner of "political incorrectness".
by smidgen2 October 28, 2018
a citizen of the USA. The feminine form is United Stateswoman. Likewise, United Statesmanship is US citizenship.
He is a United Statesman by birth.
by uttam maharjan April 17, 2011
A Statesman sometimes alters words so his sentences get a more precise meaning -
sometime asinine tomfoolery should eventually meetonesmaker adored neighbour
One of the translators for the British senior statesman speaking at the
Najaf Peace Talks in 2004 misinterpreted part of the speech as statesman
by Criostoir Hulme August 22, 2005
Member of DOV, his boss is Bruce, a.k.a Gamblor and lives for the Shore.
"what's the elder statesman doing with the evil one?"
by Black Belt Jones September 18, 2003