a TikTok telling a story from someone's life
here's my storytime
by slweeb December 16, 2020
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the act of reading a children's book to your partner while having sex.
Girl: "Are you ready for storytime baby?"
Guy: "Yeah!"
Girl: "Once upon a time.."
Guy: "thats sexy. i just came."

by heather e January 13, 2009
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derived from the genre of Youtube videos, "Storytimes". in which someone talks about their life experiences and often exaggerates many details or just completely makes the whole thing up

Storytiming is to exaggerate or dramatize a story or situation to the point where it's not remotely close to the original.
person 1:yesterday I went to the grocery store and they were selling children

person 2:boi you've got to be storytiming right now
by clowniestevakstan May 31, 2017
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When a woman, sentimental to your long term feelings or not, decides to tell you a story after sex. Your reaction to this behavior is usually melancholy, followed by the call for a cab.
"I was having a great one nighter with this chick. We banged, had a nice aftermath, then she resumed to talk about her day. Storytime was at hand. I was okay with that, being a considerate fellow that I am. Then she started talking about her memoirs as a geisha in Japan a few years back, so I called a cab."
by benevolentdictator October 11, 2011
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This is what you do when a middle school has indoor recess. First, you form a circle ranging from 6-13 people. Then, you get somone's iTouch/iPhone with a Jersey Shore Nickname Generator and give the people in the VERY first storytime nicknames this way. Also give all of them a prostitute name (I.e. Drip Drip or the Sack). Once everyone has a nickname, then you all elect the funniest, awesomest, and greatest member the honorary title of "Sleazy T" ( named after the founder of the idea of Storytime, Guapo Banuelos, and this was his nickname). Now, the Sleazy T of the group (preferably a racial mixbreed. I.e. A blexican, blaxican, a wasian, a blasian, etc.) must start each indoor recess with a funny story joke or plain story of funniness. Then, he is free to either, 1). Tell more stories, 2). Play Truth or Dare, 3). Purely play dumb games, or 4). Have Rap Battles or Roast a member. Now, this is strictly a fun expirience to have. Don't get upset or anything if your not Sleazy T. But, if you are Sleazy T, remember to always tell your jokes in moderation, because (trust me, I frigging invented this) you never want to run out of jokes. And remember, this is simply something to do to make the best of indoor recess. And, don't go off stealing my idea, or copying my idea then just tweaking it a little, cause that's not cool ata all. That's just trifelent. And as the original Sleazy T, Imma get Sandstorm with me and we'll come for to babies!!!
Tiger: Yo Guapo, are we having Storytime With Sleazy T today???!!!???
Andrew: Please Sleazy?

Guapo: Ok, Mr. And Mrs. Jugs, are y'all coming?
Seth and Madeline: Sure.
Spencer: All right, can you tell us the eel joke again?
Guapo: Sure.
* 20 minutes later*
Guapo( The original Sleazy T) Another satisfied group!!!
Group in unison: That Blexican sure is a great Sleazy!!!
by The original Sleazy T March 16, 2011
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On October 30th Ellas Spanish teach has to let her do storytime with Ella .
Hey Ella are you going to do storytime with Ella today
Yes our Spanish teacher has to say yes
by Storytime0987 October 30, 2020
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