a maneuver used and associated with what happens when you're high

this is when you are extremely fucked up from several hits of pot and shots of hard liquer, and you lay down, and one of your friends (preferably one with long hair) bobs his head up and down straight over your face

this normally ends up with you screaming your lungs out cause it tweaks you so bad
Jay: dude why were you screaming so loud at that party last night

Tyler: dude, because fucking Bobby was Stars Falling me man, i couldn't handle it!
by Casey Bishop April 25, 2008
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A sex act in which prior to ejaculation, the male removes his penis from the vagina, opting to run over and ejaculate on the T.V screen belonging to the female.
I wish we could watch the Gilmore girls, but Brian messed up the screen with his falling star.
by Meatman January 16, 2006
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Poetic way of telling someone that they are extremely brave or heroic. But it is also used ironically when their bravery goes too far and turns into madness.
The term "falling star" is used because symbolically, the rocks that turn into shooting stars have the courage to enter the Earth's dangerous thick atmosphere in order to make skywatchers happy and allow them to make a wish.
Person 1: Have you read in the newspaper that this guy conquered all of his biggest fears and revealed all of his secrets to the public in order for his crush to accept having him as her boyfriend?
Person 2: Wow, so it is true that love makes you as brave as a falling star.
by dasland May 13, 2021
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When one is having sex with a woman when she Is heavily pregnant and, as the babys head leaves the vagina and pushes the male penis out, one turns ones attention to the newborn and does some damage.
I was prowling the hospital last night when I came across this hot chick and I totally Alabama falling stared her.
by Dangerous mcsleet December 16, 2010
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African American slang "possibly started during slavery and used until after the turn of the 20th century. Meaning: The impossible/unlikely is happening.
You said she didn't like him? Well, big stars falling 'cause I just seen them out together on a date.
by Chris From Hawaii December 5, 2020
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