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Meaning - brother. Referring to a black male by either another black male or black female. Used as a term of endearment before or after an intimately honest critique or "real talk" declaration. Previously used exclusively amongst African Americans. "Bro" is the misinterpretation derived from literature when attempting to use it based on how that syllable is pronounced in the word brother.
Anton: Man, you think I was wrong?

Greg: Bruh, you really gotta ask? You know you was wrong for that.
by Chris From Hawaii December 5, 2020
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African American slang "possibly started during slavery and used until after the turn of the 20th century. Meaning: The impossible/unlikely is happening.
You said she didn't like him? Well, big stars falling 'cause I just seen them out together on a date.
by Chris From Hawaii December 5, 2020
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Best or really close friend. Abbreviated version of ace boon coon.
You always got my back, that's why you my ace boon.
by Chris From Hawaii November 8, 2021
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