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Poetic way of telling someone that they are extremely brave or heroic. But it is also used ironically when their bravery goes too far and turns into madness.
The term "falling star" is used because symbolically, the rocks that turn into shooting stars have the courage to enter the Earth's dangerous thick atmosphere in order to make skywatchers happy and allow them to make a wish.
Person 1: Have you read in the newspaper that this guy conquered all of his biggest fears and revealed all of his secrets to the public in order for his crush to accept having him as her boyfriend?
Person 2: Wow, so it is true that love makes you as brave as a falling star.
by dasland May 13, 2021
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Slang term for a very fast-moving person or object.
Person 1: I bought a lamborghini which can exceed 150 mph!
Person 2: Wow, your new car's a rocket, man!
Another example:
Person 1: OMG i'm late!!! *Starts running very fast*
Person 2: Woah, I didn't know you were a rocket!
by dasland June 13, 2021
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1. The opposite of "Ok boomer". In other words, you say it when you agree so much with the subject of conversation that saying "I agree" isn't enough.
2. Used to tell the person who asks "Ok?" that you understand what they said.
1. Guy 1: That girl over there is so fucking sexy!
Guy 2: Ok python!
2. Mother: I'm going to the grocery store. Do not do anything stupid while i'm gone, Ok?
Son: Python.
by dasland May 13, 2021
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