An excuse to smash outside that sounds romantic when you ask
Hey wanna go stargazing

Sure, ill bring the condoms
by holy guacomole September 11, 2019
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when you tell your mother that you and you and your friends are at the beach gazing at the stars when in fact, you are all making out with eachother. This usually only happens on birthdays. Cause thats the rule.
I told my mom that we were stargazing, but in fact, we were making out.
by Lauren and Kelsey January 1, 2006
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To sneak away from a group (usually at night), to commence a crazy make-out session. 'Stargazing' usually occurs with another individual, though solo macking sessions have been known to occur. These individual stargazing excursions are generally discouraged and seen as anti-social.
Mary: "Chrissy where did you go last night, we were waiting for you."
Chrissy: "Oh, I was stargazing"
Mary: "...with B-Shay?"
Chrissy: "No, by myself"
Mary: "...Oh..."
by Mangofatdoody November 3, 2010
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what you do when youre high with a bunch of friends. sand up spin aroung 15 times and then someone shines a flashlight right in yur face and you loose contol of your body.
tim: hey john, after that bowl do you wanna go stargazing?
john: OKAY!
by MEGA$EX October 5, 2008
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Friend 1: hey how was your date this weekend?
Friend 2: it was soooooo good! We went stargazing ALL NIGHT!!!
by notyouraveragejo April 8, 2021
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Gazing into the twinkle of another man’s eyes as he fills you with his load
I was out stargazing with Aakash in the yard last night, was magical.
by o0strokes0o November 14, 2018
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The act of responding to a message that was posted either way earlier in a conversation or an otherwise long time ago.

Derived from the premise of watching stars from very far away, where the light you see from them is billions years old and far from when it was originally sent in your direction.
John: "had some hella good pizza the other night" — 4 hours ago

John: "btw how did your game this evening go" — 3 minutes ago

Bella: "omg what kinda pizza was it" — a minute ago

John: "stop stargazing, Bella" — Now
by wetpudding January 10, 2022
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