Highly-rated summer camp program in Brooklyn, New York; A magical place where fun and sun create lifelong memories between campers! The mystical land of Water Wars opens the door for creativity, splashing, laughter, and joy. The counselors make a safe haven by being certified and attentive. And the trips, oh the trips, are truly heaven sent. Do yourself a favor and SIGN UP NOW!

Mooommmmm! Wake up! It’s time for us to go to Stargazer Day Camp. Today is the prom, and it’s gonna have awesome music and even better food.
by Minister of Fun February 21, 2020
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watching your money while it makes you more money
man 1 : my money's doing backfips woah!

man 2: naw man you're stargazing
by sirkushtalot September 06, 2018
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