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The name media companies give to the SuperBowl because the NFL will sue the ever living shit out of anyone that uses their trademarks.
Hey Tom, are you coming to the churches The Big Game party

Why don't you just call it the church SuperBowl party?

Because Last year the NFL sued gods house of worship for using their trademark!!
by holy guacomole August 23, 2019

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The anomaly that exists where Ben Shapiro has never voted for the winner of a presidential election.
Ben Shapiro just announced he voted Blank for president, i hope Blank doesnt fall to the Ben Shapiro Curse
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by holy guacomole November 04, 2020

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The mythical genie that lives on the internet that controls what will go viral.
Hey man, have you figured out how to get on the youtube trending page.

Yea man, you need to please the youtube algorithm
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by holy guacomole February 24, 2020

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Fry Cook At The Krusty Krab is what ghetto girls and middle-schoolers put in their social-media bio in an attempt to be funny. What it really means is that they are UNEMPLOYED
She is 23 years old and her Tinder Bio says she is a Fry Cook At The KRUSTY KRAB

Bruh that means that hoe is unemployed
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by holy guacomole September 13, 2019

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The act of a non prominent individual becoming the source of information for a short time then dragging it out for a long period of time for the soul purpose of attention.
Hey Man why is everyone talking to that nerd Anthony

Anthony was the only one that saw the school fight

Fuck Anthony that kid is Faucing, he just likes the attention.
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by holy guacomole March 22, 2021

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An excuse to smash outside that sounds romantic when you ask
Hey wanna go stargazing

Sure, ill bring the condoms
by holy guacomole September 11, 2019

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An Instagram Stripper is a girl who posts slutty pictures on the gram on a consistent basis. She will self identify as a model but the only product she is peddling is her boobs and ass. Instead of throwing dollars you simply make it rain in likes
Yo, do you follow "Insert unpaid "instagram model" here"?

Hell yea bro, she is my favorite Instagram Stripper
by holy guacomole November 12, 2019

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