The act of Starbucking refers to the mass global-organising of certain shops or products appearing everywhere in daily life. For example, Local pubs in England have followed almost the same trend due to the Government changing their appearence and interiors, making them identical to other pubs.
*5 friends enter a pub after coming from another pub*

Oliver: "I'm feeling Deja-vu"
Peter: "This looks exactly the same as the last one!"
Steven: "What did I say? Starbucking, It's happening everywhere, Man!"
by Gary King, of the Humans August 10, 2013
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The practice of airline customers who have only 5 minutes to make their flight on the other side of the airport, but yet still feel the need to stop at Starbucks (or another coffee counter) for a latte which results in either A) delaying a flight full of customers or B) the "Starbucker" yelling at the gate agent when he/she arrives at the gate and finds out his flight left 5 minutes ago.2
The idiot missed Flight 69 to Hawaii because he was starbucking. Came running up with that big latte and yelled at me because I let the plane depart without him.
by EWR CNX January 11, 2010
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The act of mumbling a name at Starbucks and seeing what they come up with on your cup. A Starbucks employee is trained to never get your name correctly, so Starbucking a great exercise for both the employee and the customer. PRO TIP: For an upgraded experience, incorporate a word that sounds like curse word or dirty word.
Jason got an Americano and today his Starbucking name was Merderfel. Yesterday it was Blumpkimp.

Employee, "Okay, and what is your name?"
Customer, "Merfluksjahgi"
Employee, "Merfolgi?"
Customer, "Yes."
Onlooking best friend, "Nice Starbucking, Mefolgi."
*High five*

Employee, "And your name?"
Customer, "Mdhfstittyish"
Employee, "Madtitish?"
Customer, "Yes."
Onlooking best friend, "You worked in titty. That's a pro Starbucking."
*Super dope, rehearsed best friends hand shake*
by pat_vann January 09, 2015
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Copying the Starbucks™ business-model all across the World on an unprecedented level. Startup companies that has copied the franchise-scheme of Starbucks coffeehouse (small vendors/ neat outlook/ gourmet catering...), are now called 'Startbucks'!

Also, university classes called 'Starbucks studies' are now being taught at some colleges across the United States, too!
Starbucking is so popular in Third-World countries like India and China that these countries started their own carbon-copy Starbucks (complete with that famous green logo), but the Starbucks company is going to open nearly 100 franchise outlets in India by the end of 2007 in retaliation!
by hammer---;, hytham May 02, 2007
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A person that sits inside of a Starbucks and is there only to look intelligent or stylish.

These people are most likely pretentious hipsters who like to mouth off words that you don't even know (or maybe they don't even know) just to confuse you and broadcast their mental superiority. They also probably listen to NPR radio, only watch the news, is a vegetarian, and is a very eco-minded person.

How to spot a Starbuker:

After finishing their coffee they don't leave, they may have even fallen asleep.

This person may be holding, carrying, or wearing any of the following:

-Any Macintosh product
-A "classic" work of fiction
-A biography or documentary book of some sort
-Anything eco-friendly
-Chico or form fitting Pants
-A shirt or sweater made in a solid muted color, like burgandy, or olive green etc.
Jane is such a Starbucker; she will sit in the Starbucks lougne for 2 hours with her Macintosh laptop while listening to NPR radio.
by TechnoFan21 July 22, 2009
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karen:hey susan do you want to get high
susan:sure why no t i just dropped the kids off to ballet
karen:i know this great place called starbucks
by briaW March 01, 2008
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A location that is so remote that it does not even have a Starbucks within 5 minutes.
Driving through Paradise California a few months after the Camp Fire...
Jillian: Wow, this place is really desolate. It's like we are in the middle of nowhere.
Terry: Ya it is, no Starbucks.
Jillian: Not even able to place a mobile order to pull a Starbucks virtual cut.
by the coMANd'r June 25, 2019
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